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    >> Established Since Birth
    >> established since conception
    >> Just take it .(E)z
    >> A vital/unique component/division of the HJN.™
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    W. SHAWN OSBORNE was/is ESTABLISHED SINCE CREATION™. The founding father, brainchild and mastermind behind the HUMAN JEANS NETWORK™ Established Since Birth™. HyBridDENIM™ a vital/unique component/division of the Human Jeans Network™ & faShawn™ established since conception™. The man, the myth and the legend, if you will; a divine emanation. The Ultimate Purveyor of Opulence and Premium Luxury Goods, to all classes and segments of the neighborhood.

    THE HUMAN JEANOME SCIENCE RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT NETWORK PROJECT™, ESTABLISHED SINCE BIRTH™ By W. SHAWN OSBORNE™ is the single most definitive human undertaking in / with clothing since Adam and Eve adorned themselves with leaves. Since Eli Whitney invented the cotton gin. Highly Evolved Clothing™. The pre-imminent contemporary, benchmark brand, the very pinnacle of the jean-ethic clothing chain. A testament, not just to our nobility, and greatness, but most importantly, our Humanity. A most superior product, for the most discriminating clothing connoisseurs. Individuals who embrace and truly seek and immerse themselves in the HUMAN experience. Wear, a constant reminder that before we are Black… White… Asian… Catholic… Jewish… Muslim… we are first and foremost, members, EST. SINCE BIRTH, of the HUMAN JEANS NETWORK. Yesterday

    HyBridDenim™ is a vital / unique component / division of the HUMAN JEANS NETWORK™ ESTABLISHED SINCE BIRTH ™ by W. Shawn OSBORNE™. HyBridDenim’s mandate; alter HUMAN JEANS to create a breed of denim capable of withstanding the rigors of the rat race. You are not merely just an eyewitness; you are now a first hand participant. There shall be no innocent bystanders, everyone, in one capacity or the other is, guilty and accountable. HyBridDenim, we don’t make denim. We do our worst to make denim better™.
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    Finally! A clothing brand that embodies FaShawn™/ Fashion. With FaShawn, W. Shawn OSBORNE™ is intent on taking the FaShawn / Fashion world by an unprecedented storm of the millennium(s). FaShawn is a re-affirmation of A Proud New American Tradition™. An illustrious journey through FaShawn’s / Fashion's histories past, ever changing present and embracing a rapidly approaching future. An avant-garde line that runs the gamut, hype FaShawn to HIGH FaShawn, the game room to the boardroom, and every room in between. Sportswear the way no one has ever envisioned or experienced the perfect combination of form and function. A Proud New TradiShawn™ that allows you too, LOOK GOOD, in your neighborHOOD™.
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    What is so unique about .(E)nsemblez™, is that, it not only encompasses all of W. Shawn OSBORNE™ lines, but it also stands firmly on it’s own. In an echelon that houses only the finest. .(E)nsemblez enters and carves out it own niche and satisfies it. It might seem a tad bit complicated, but we invite you to just sit back, relax, and Just take it .(E)z™.
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